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Koffi B

Koffi Kolibé Babalimsoga

Associate Trainer, Benin

Skills & experience

Koffi has approximately 15 years of experience providing oversight in financial management, donor and legal compliance, international grants management, fund management, risk management, operations, procurement, audit preparedness, capacity building, and training. He has managed programs funded by donors, including SIDA, Agence Française de Développement, African Development Bank, BMZ, European Commission, GFFO, Global Fund, Islamic Development Bank.

Koffi is certified in PMD Pro (now Project D-Pro) Level 2 and has taken the FMDPro Financial Management course. He has trained more than 200 INGOs and local NGO staff in Togo and West Africa.

Koffi graduated with a degree in Business and Financial Management. In addition to projects and grants management, he is skilled at ERP systems implementation, troubleshooting, and reporting in addition to projects and grants management. Koffi is fluent in French and English.