Milka Dinev

Associate Trainer/Consultant, Peru

Skills & experience

Milka Dinev has 33 years of experience in the management of development projects. She currently works for the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC). Milka has gone from being a Program Officer to the Director of the Health Sector of IRD as well as the Global Director for the ESD Project (USAID’s flagship FP project) under Pathfinder International. She speaks and writes fluent Spanish, English, French, and Bulgarian. She is an engineer with an MS in Business Administration. She is also PMD Pro certified and has trained hundreds of professionals in the development sector.

Case studies

Milka has worked as a donor with CIDA and as an implementing partner for USAID, DFID, NORAD, BMGF and private foundations working for CARE, Pathfinder International, International Relief and Development (IRD), and Humentum.

Milka Dinev has experience in administration, accounting and finance. In addition, she has programmatic experience in several fields, mainly in sexual and reproductive health, family planning, but also in environment, gender, food-aid and monetization of commodities, micro-enterprise, alternative development and agriculture, human rights and fisheries. She has worked for CIDA, CARE, Pathfinder International, International Relief and Development (IRD), and Humentum (formerly Humentum).

As Pathfinder’s Country Representative for Peru and Ecuador, Milka was responsible for providing overall strategic direction to Pathfinder’s diverse family planning and sexual and reproductive health programs in Peru and Ecuador. In addition, she provided technical assistance to Pathfinder programs in other regions, most recently in Angola, Egypt, Nigeria, and Bangladesh. She served as Director of ESD, USAID’s flagship reproductive global health, providing leadership to project key initiatives and to activities in more than 18 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.