Sue Coe

Associate Consultant, UK

Sue has worked in the international humanitarian and development sector for 35 years. She has substantial programming, management and operations experience in multiple organisations, sectors, and countries. Social inclusion – particularly disability inclusion – is her specialism.

Sue’s primary language is English. She also has proficiency in British Sign Language, French, and Kiswahili. Sue holds an MA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from Oxford University, UK, and an M.Sc. in International Development Management from the Open University, UK.

For 21 years Sue has worked on the staff of three different international NGOs – World Vision UK, Intermediate Technology (now called Practical Action) and VSO in Tanzania. She also worked in the UK voluntary sector for two years, managing the Sign Language Training Programme at RNID. Since 2011, Sue has been a consultant supporting wide-ranging assignments in wide-ranging sectors across the world. She is a qualified and experienced trainer both online and in-person.

Sue spent a number of years living in East African countries (Kenya and Tanzania) and has travelled to many other countries in West Africa, Southern Africa, South Asia, East Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe to support and evaluate work. She has remotely supported many projects in other countries across the world and was an early adopter (2006) of remote communication/support methodologies that have become routine practice since the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.