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Thomas Lewinsky

Thomas Lewinsky

Associate Consultant, Netherlands

Thomas has over 18 years of international consulting experiences from Europe, Africa, and Asia. He is driven by complexity around governance, strategic and organizational issues where the answers are not always immediately obvious. He is adept at combining the harder strategic aspects of change with the underlying political choices to be made, while insisting on getting people effectively on board to ensure ownership and collective commitment.

He holds an M.Sc. in International Development and an MBA in strategic consulting and organizational transformation. His core expertise areas include governance, strategy development, restructuring, and change management within international multicultural contexts. Additional expertise has been developed in systems analysis, process improvement, organizational effectiveness and management reviews.

Particular insights have been acquired into the dynamics of international alliances and membership based network organizations and the various political and institutional agendas and processes at play. He is a confident and competent facilitator, trainer, and moderator before diverse international audiences, and he excels at bringing complex governance and organizational issues to collective decision-making points in multi-stakeholder settings.