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Advocacy Advisor – Final Update of 2021

On the 60th anniversary of USAID in November, Administrator Samantha Power announced a new, inclusive global development strategy for the agency. Her remarks come at the convergence of several critical events that make this a promising time for lasting change.

It is now on the sector to advance the growing consensus for change. Over the past year, Humentum has accompanied our members in doing just that. Humentum members have engaged in dialogue and self-examination, developed DEI policies and procedures, and co-created programming with local actors and entities. Remarkably, we have also seen INGOs merge, consolidate, and even fully cede power to local groups for the first time in history. Our work with INGO leaders and practitioners has revealed an overwhelming willingness to shift power to local actors that must be replicated on a sector-wide scale.

As we move into 2022, the sector must also continue to engage the administration and Congress on the procurement and compliance policy reforms that will enable a development ecosystem supportive of and conducive to locally-led development. Humentum stands at the ready to do so.

Humentum – final update of 2021