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Humentum’s Executive Summit Summary

At the end of 2021, Humentum hosted an Executive Summit to address the trends and challenges that INGO executives are facing today. The summit provided an opportunity to learn, grow, and network through collaborative activities. Attendees discussed a variety of topics, with a focus on creating transformational change within their organizations and the sector. As we work toward a more equitable, locally-led sector, INGO executives hold a substantial amount of power to instigate positive change. Thus, they are uniquely positioned to lead the way by moving from theoretical conversations about shifting power to practical actions.

The summit report covers the four main conversations that took place around transformational change within the global development sector:

• Shifts in funding models and sources;
• Changes to global people and talent;
• Shifting power and decision-making authority; and
• The changing nature of risk.

There is also a graphic depicting a catalog of change activities within organizations, rating them on a scale of thinking and talking, to small changes, to transformative change.


Download the full summit report