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USAID’s Local Capacity Strengthening Policy

On October 19, 2022, USAID released its Local Capacity Strengthening (LCS) Policy, which is revised from the December 2021 Local Capacity Development Policy draft. USAID updated the policy based on nearly 600 pages of public comments and consultation with local actors.

Operationalizing Locally-Led Development: What We Learned

What will it take to operationalize the vision of locally-led development? This summary is a preview of an upcoming report that will share lessons from a year of webinars around this subject, as well as policy recommendations.

Humentum Comments on USAID’s Draft Guide to Collecting Beneficiary Feedback

Humentum appreciates the opportunity to submit these comments in response to USAID’s draft guide to collecting beneficiary feedback. USAID has asked that the public provide feedback to ensure the guidance serves the needs of implementing partners who must collect feedback from beneficiaries as a required part of their development program. As such, these comments are based on feedback from Humentum’s membership, the majority of whom are implementing partners.

Understanding the 2022 USAID Risk Appetite Statement

Humentum Policy Brief

On August 22, 2022, USAID released an updated Risk Appetite Statement. First crafted in 2018, the RAS details the Agency’s willingness to absorb, share, and/or mitigate the various risks – which have historically ranged from programmatic, reputational, fiduciary to legal, security, and human capital – related to its strategic objectives. Since these objectives change over time and across administrations, so too must the Agency’s RAS.

Humentum Comments on USAID’s Policy Framework

Humentum appreciates the opportunity to submit these comments in response to USAID’s draft Policy Framework.

Advocacy Advisor – July 2022

Operationalizing locally-led development: The sector waits for USAID to issue its long-promised plans. Check out this quarter’s Advocacy Advisor for the latest updates.

Advocacy Advisor – April 2022

What is one of the most impactful ways funders can reshape the global development and humanitarian assistance sector to be more equitable, accountable, and resilient?

Humentum Comments on USAID’s Draft Local Capacity Development Policy

In its request for comments, USAID asked the public to identify the sections or statements that it deems essential to the policy; where clarification is needed; and any major gaps or inaccuracies. Humentum has divided its comments accordingly.

Advocacy Advisor – Final Update of 2021

As we move into 2022, the sector must also continue to engage the administration and Congress on the procurement and compliance policy reforms that will enable a development ecosystem supportive of and conducive to locally-led development. Humentum stands at the ready to do so.

Comments on USAID Proposed Information Collection (Education Cost Form), 84 Fed. Reg. 232 (December 9, 2019) & as Corrected, in 84 Fed. Reg. 243 

In response to a notice regarding the collection of educational cost data, Humentum submitted three key issues for member organizations to USAID. Humentum expressed concerns regarding the use of the information collection beyond USAID funding, the quality and utility of the information collected, and the burden that collection would place on organizations.