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Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting (CLA): facts and misconceptions

Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting (CLA): facts and misconceptions False. There are very few required elements of CLA and plenty of…

The COVID-19 Impact: How 3 NGOs are adapting to the new normal contributed by Western Union Business Solutions

As the global economy continues to struggle with this unprecedented crisis, here’s how three NGOs are meeting the challenge.

Keeping Perspective in the Midst of Volatility

Business Continuity Planning contributed by GRF CPAs & Advisors

Business Continuity Plans (BCP) are an important part of risk management and can include scenarios such as pandemics (like COVID-19), government shutdowns, natural disasters and cyberattacks. In an era of devastating cyber breaches and unprecedented political rancor, the financial health and mission success of any organization depends on its preparation to weather almost any storm.

How to Apply for Nonprofit Relief Funds contributed by EY and Independent Sector

As Congress has passed additional relief legislation (most recently the American Rescue Plan Act), this resource is constantly updated in order to help nonprofit organizations understand their options and how to proceed. This resource is categorized between assistance for individuals, small nonprofits (less than 500 employees) and large nonprofits (over 500 employees), and includes our latest information on eligibility criteria, timelines, and application information.

Making the Most of a Travel Management RFP contributed by Russ Ferguson

This resource provides tips and best practices to simplify the review and selection of travel management providers and demystifies the process, making it less daunting overall. In particular, it explains how a TMC approaches the RFP process, what questions you should ask, and in what way, in order to get the information that you really need to know.

Challenges and Opportunities Facing the International Aid and Humanitarian Sector contributed by Vendor Centric

Explore the challenges and opportunities facing the international Aid and humanitarian Ssector with Paul Schrantz and Chris Proulx

Bridges to Prosperity contributed by GRF CPAs & Advisors

GRF CPAs & Advisors (GRF) provided the risk management expertise and best practices needed for development of an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) playbook. More than a compliance requirement, the ERM playbook informs the organization’s strategy and decision making. The living document helped Bridges to Prosperity institutionalize ERM and become a more forward thinking organization.