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Is Your Organization Ready for USAID Funding?

We are the global leader in USAID compliance and we’ve developed a free new resource that shares how to both prepare for and receive USAID funding. Download the ‘Is Your Organization Ready for USAID Funding?’ white paper today.

The Procurement Process – Top Tips

It is important to have a clear procurement policy to avoid confusion and to make sure we get value for money when buying goods or services. The policy also removes the suspicion of fraud – and the temptation!

Successful Nonprofit Cybersecurity & Privacy for Remote Work

Measures to control and prevent the spread of the disease have increased the need for the integration of digital technology into all aspects of the organization. This can provide a number of new opportunities, but it also provides the possibility for additional security issues. 

Nonprofit CEO Survival Guide contributed by Sage Intacct

Nonprofit finance teams operate in a more challenging environment than ever before. Good financial stewardship plays a critical role in…

Duty of Care Essential for Business Travel contributed by Corporate Travel

Having a proper travel risk management strategy in place is essential for any business with traveling employees. Having a proactive approach not only mitigates risks, but provides your travelers with confidence that there is a constant focus on their safety and well-being. TMCs can help companies meet their duty of care obligations by providing the right resources and solutions to keep travelers safe on the go.

Safety and Security Implication of the COVID-19 Pandemic contributed by AHT Insurance

Uncertainty has been a defining feature of the COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to evolve at lightening speed. While the pandemic remains primarily a public health emergency in much of the world, there is the potential for an increase in safety and security issues as the pandemic spreads to areas prone to instability during times of increased tension. 

Risk Register

This risk register can be used to record the risks you identify, the assessment of their severity, controls identified and actions taken.

Risk Assessment

One aspect of strategic financial management is assessing and managing the risks facing the organisation. If there are significant financial risks facing the organisation that the trustees fail to address, it may threaten the organisation’s financial sustainability. The trustees have a responsibility to ensure that a risk assessment takes place. It is often best done by a group of people including some board and management, say once a year. Your auditors may also be able to help or advise.

EARP Brochure contributed by KonTerra Group

The KonTerra Group’s Employee Assistance & Resilience Program (EARP™) was born out of the recognition that traditional support for staff in international humanitarian and development organizations – especially those in high-stress environments – has failed to adequately meet needs. With increases in threats to aid workers worldwide and record-breaking numbers of staff impacted by exposure to chronic stress and trauma, organizations are eager to find new solutions to support their staff and fulfill their duty of care.

Elements of Successful Cybersecurity contributed by GRF CPAs & Advisors

Digital transformation means that organizations must be proactive about their cybersecurity. Not only are there more ways to be attacked than ever before, cybersecurity breaches are constantly changing and hackers are becoming more sophisticated. Without proper cybersecurity, the organization’s critical activities are at risk and the potential for reputational damage is real.