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Equitable Compensation Playbook

A resource for organizations in the global humanitarian and development sectors ready to rethink compensation policies and practises.

The State of Learning and Development in NGOs: 2022 Report

How well does your organization meet the five critical lens for mastering organizational learning? We asked that question of close to 40 NGOs this summer. The 35-question assessment tool was designed to help L&D staff review and reflect on their current working environments.

Mastering Organizational Learning: An eBook

Learn from our Humentum Learning Services team and community of subscribers about the key elements of a thriving global learning & development team.

Transforming Traditional Approaches to Compensation: Implementing Equitable Pay & Benefits at Humentum

Learn from Humentum’s own transformation to a more equitable compensation model. The following case study was independently done by an external agency to document the development, roll-out, and reception of Humentum’s new Total Rewards Policy and salary structure.

Duty of Care Essential for Business Travel contributed by Corporate Travel

Having a proper travel risk management strategy in place is essential for any business with traveling employees. Having a proactive approach not only mitigates risks, but provides your travelers with confidence that there is a constant focus on their safety and well-being. TMCs can help companies meet their duty of care obligations by providing the right resources and solutions to keep travelers safe on the go.

EARP Brochure contributed by KonTerra Group

The KonTerra Group’s Employee Assistance & Resilience Program (EARP™) was born out of the recognition that traditional support for staff in international humanitarian and development organizations – especially those in high-stress environments – has failed to adequately meet needs. With increases in threats to aid workers worldwide and record-breaking numbers of staff impacted by exposure to chronic stress and trauma, organizations are eager to find new solutions to support their staff and fulfill their duty of care.

How to Review and Update Your Duty of Care Plans contributed by Hilldrup

Duty of responsible care plans vary from company to company, but in essence, they are how the organization will provide adequate care for their employees in all aspects of their business. It’s no surprise that these plans can be quite extensive depending on the organization.

Remote Working Trends contributed by Hilldrup

Without question, the pandemic redefined many aspects of our personal and professional lives. Arguably one of the most pronounced areas has been the seemingly overnight shift to remote work. Understandably, this has created a mix of challenges and opportunities for businesses and employees alike. As hope for the pandemic’s end grows, many are evaluating the success of their new or revised remote work policies and how they might be continued indefinitely.

7 Strategies for dealing with stress when your job is ending Contributed by KonTerra Group

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing massive disruption around the globe. As a result, many people are losing their jobs or being asked to take extended unpaid leave. Losing a job is a stressful experience, particularly during a time like this, when other options are more limited in the immediate term. It can be easier to cope with a stressful experience like this if you know what feelings you may experience along the way, and you have a plan and some strategies for coping

Behavioral Health Managers Guide contributed by Blue Cross Blue Shield Global

It comes as no surprise that COVID-19 has created an acute period of increased anxiety above and beyond what we would have likely seen without the pandemic. Mental health challenges are affecting more people than ever before. The scale of the issue—and the urgency of the moment—call for a broader, more holistic approach to behavioral health.