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What does the Global Economy and International Relocation Look Like Post-COVID-19?

International relocation and travel came to a near halt when the pandemic became widespread in March 2020, having severe ramifications for the global economy. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, many predictions have been made regarding recovery times and what the new normal may look like concerning things such as employment and office space. With hope that an end may be in sight, several new surveys and reports have been released that suggest what a post-pandemic global workforce may look like.

Nonprofit CEO Survival Guide contributed by Sage Intacct

Nonprofit finance teams operate in a more challenging environment than ever before. Good financial stewardship plays a critical role in…

Minimum Standards Checklist

The Minimum Standards Checklist highlights the 7 most critical aspects of financial managment that should always be in place in every NGO, together with the reasons why. It also lists some additional areas of best practice.

Humentum COVID-19 Weekly Digests: March 13

Explore a curated range of Humentum COVID-19 resources in this weekly digest for March 13 2020

Four Steps to Greater Nonprofit Stewardship with Digital Finance Transformation

As a nonprofit finance leader, you must be a good steward of the public trust. You are responsible for ensuring the resources of your organization are well protected and used efficiently for the organization to fulfill its mission. Nonprofit digital finance transformation uses technologies like cloud computing, open API integration, analytics, and data visualizations to enhance mission impact, improve stewardship, and increase transparency to donors.

Keeping Perspective in the Midst of Volatility

Smart Stewardship in a Rapidly Changing World contributed by Serenic Software

COVID-19 and Relocation contributed by Hilldrup

The COVID-19 pandemic truly has been a generational event that’s impacted virtually every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Even as hope that its conclusion nears with more vaccines becoming available, the lingering effects are expected to be felt for years to come. Relocation and migration are no exception, and already, these areas have seen dramatic shifts in the past year.

What does International Duty of Care Look Like Coming out of COVID-19 contributed by Hilldrup

This download illustrates importance of a duty of care plan as it relates to relocation, specifically the considerations when developing a new one or revising an existing plan. Given all the upheaval in the world around the coronavirus, many organizations are going through this very process to ensure their plan reflects their new reality.

Third Party Risk in a Post-Pandemic World Contributed by GRF CPAs & Advisors

Whether a third-party is part of the supply chain or an outsourced information technology services provider, organizations are increasingly implementing third-party risk management (TPRM) programs to ensure third-parties are not creating additional exposure for them. Successful outsourcing relationships with effective risk management allow the organization to safely procure goods and services and focus on their strategic objectives.