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Humentum’s Annual ERA Index: The Journey to Equitable Development

Humentum’s first annual Equitable, Resilient, Accountable (ERA) Index survey. The report uncovers where the sector is on our collective journey to locally-led development and our thoughts on how to keep moving forward.

From Operations to Outcomes: A Policy Blueprint for Locally-Led Development

Twenty global thought-leaders and 2,000 participants from over 100 countries discussed what it will take to operationalize locally-led development. This report outlines insights from those discussions and key policy recommendations for funders and INGOs to consider.

Operationalizing Locally-Led Development: What We Learned

What will it take to operationalize the vision of locally-led development? This summary is a preview of an upcoming report that will share lessons from a year of webinars around this subject, as well as policy recommendations.

Humentum’s Executive Summit Summary

At the end of 2021, Humentum hosted an Executive Summit to address the trends and challenges of INGO executives. The…