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Humentum Response to OMB Guidance for Grants and Agreements, published at 88 FR 69390 et seq.

Humentum submitted comments on behalf of our members in response to OMB’s proposed revisions to title 2 of the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) subtitle A, chapters I and II.

Is Your Organization Ready for USAID Funding?

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Seven Key Factors in Grant Management contributed by Serenic Software

In the nonprofit world, it has never been more important for organizations to achieve maximum efficiency in the way you organize and manage grants, track and report expenditures, and make the most of every dollar you spend to achieve whatever mission you serve. Regardless of what that mission might be – digging water wells in underdeveloped countries or advancing the fine arts domestically – you need to be sure to have processes, mechanisms, and tools that enable you to meet increasingly rigorous demands.