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Behind the Scenes: Learning Tech at Humentum

January 27, 2022

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Suganthy Jebarani

Senior Learning Solutions Manager, India

Suganthy Jebarani, Humentum’s Senior Learning Solutions Manager, shares insight into her role at this organization, how she entered the world of learning and development, as well as the learning tech tools you need to know about this year. Let’s dive in!

What’s your role at Humentum?

As Senior Learning Solutions Manager, I help manage learning systems, online course catalog, and delivery of online workshops. Our team supports Humentum Learning Services (HLS) subscribers to make the best use of our learning portals and course catalog to engage their staff and achieve their organizational learning goals. Usually, every quarter, we review our subscribers’ learner needs and curate content from world-class learning providers and NGO partners to provide relevant and timely content. These include Skillsoft, CEGOs, Speexx, Eukleia, Humanitarian Learning Academy, Transparency International, and many more. Several courses are offered in multiple languages such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Arabic to cater to non-English speaking global staff. In addition, we map courses into learning paths based on topics or roles so learners can easily find them and enroll based on their interests or needs.

What do you do in Learning Solutions?

We help set up and schedule reports to track learner progress and training usage. These metrics help analyze and interpret data to promote learning and improve learner engagement. We host Drop-in Support calls every Wednesday for our subscribers to respond to any questions, share best practices, tips and tricks and learn from each other. Our team also helps deliver synchronous and asynchronous online workshops for NGO staff worldwide in a wide range of topics from Project Management to Management Skills. These workshops allow participants to pace themselves from the comfort of their home or office and complete within a specified time. Our technical support team promptly responds to any requests or issues with our learning portals, courses, and workshops.

How did you get into this work?

During my Master’s program in Human Resources Development, I got an opportunity to intern at Catholic Relief Services, which is headquartered at Baltimore, USA. It was a huge transition from the corporate world to the NGO sector. This internship paved the way for me to explore the learning and development field and fulfill my passion for helping people in need. I am grateful that my current role allows me to provide a seamless end-user experience to our learners and empower them with the required knowledge and skills to best serve their beneficiaries.

What are examples of learning tech that Humentum relies on religiously?

Humentum uses several learning technologies and tools, such as NetDimensions, SCORM Cloud, and Curatr to manage content, Arlo for event management, Zoom for delivery of synchronous online workshops, Asana for project management, and Slack for communicating with staff and facilitators. We switched from Cvent to arlo last year to better accommodate our learner needs and the needs of our finance team in managing multiple currencies for our events. As a global organization, we always need to prioritize the user experience no matter where our learners are sitting in the world.

What are 2-3 new learning tech tools organizations should consider adopting in 2022?

We are exploring Waves and Learning Locker offered by Learning Pool. Waves allows us to create campaigns, automate nudge notifications based on participants progress and keep them on track and maximize their learning experiences. Learning Locker is a learning record store that aggregates data from multiple sources using xAPI. This tool allows us to create dashboards and visualizations to compare and benchmark learner and training data over a period of time.

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