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How financially sustainable is your NGO organization?

Create a Secure Today and Sustainable Tomorrow

We all know this fundamental truth: NGOs need money to run their programs. As the saying goes, “no money, no mission.”

But NGOs operate in demanding environments with constant change, limited resources, multiple stakeholders, and intangible deliverables.

With all those challenges, is it even possible to achieve financial sustainability?

What does financial sustainability involve?

  • Full and fair coverage of project-associated administration costs
  • Diverse funding
  • Unrestricted funding to build grantee reserves
  • A skilled financial management team
  • Risk mitigation structures (are you prepared for the next pandemic?)


Humentum helps NGOs become financial sustainable

Watch the recording: From Uncertain to Sustainable - How to Build an NGO Financial Strategy Webinar

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Ready to get started on sustainability right now?

From an in-depth audit to practical strategies, our team will partner with your leaders to take you from current state to future state.
Complete three online courses (in a discounted package!) to learn practical tools and know-how to achieve financial sustainability to fulfil your NGO’s mission and objectives.
Turn any of our financial management courses into customized training for your whole team. Learn together, to move forward together.

Humentum has been a great partner in that there has been flexibility and teamwork. The relationship and the continuity provided has helped our internal practices around training staff and allowed us to feel more confident.

Zsuzsanna Ujhelyi Voluntary Service Overseas